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53 min, HD 

Americas’ First Lady, a fashion icon and role model for the millions who looked up to her.  Beloved by all, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was an inspirational soul whose presence would leave those around her in awe. Jackie was well traveled, she studied French during her time in college and spent a year abroad in Paris.

Jackie spent her life pleasing those around her. She sought the comfort of a stable family and home. Her tragic life resembled a fable, littered with loss and misery. Jackie stayed radiant and persevered through her hardships. 


64 min, HD 

Tupac Shakur changed the game; the intensity of his lyrics about the harsh realities of life resonated with so many. No other musician has been able to illuminate rap’s fault lines between mainstream successes and regional pride and the struggle to transcend and elevate beyond humble origins while honouring the streets that raised you. He elevated rap from a crude street fad to a complex art form, becoming hip-hops most iconic figure and its most potent enigma.

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56 min, HD 

December 1991. That fateful time of year. The family joins together to celebrate, following the great royal traditions. Diana must walk into the lions' den and be the mother her children need. But all is not well in the Windsor household. A storm which will change the course of history is on its way.